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Though intending to keep blogging here, practice shows that I find it much more practical to blog on topics related to Water Sanitation and Hygiene for Development (WASH4Dev) on my Google+ stream using the #wash4dev tag. So why not bookmark and follow me there?

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Resource Centre(s) Network promote Sector Learning in WASH

The PSO funded Resource Centres Network for Sector Learning (a.k.a. RCN4SL) in the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene context is holding its final reflection, documenting lessons and formulating recommendations workshop at the IRC International Water and Sanitation Centre (IRC) in The Hague.

I will blog in multiple ways about this event, using as primary blogging platform my Google+ stream. You are most welcome to comment, add and create to- and from links to this stream.

The program is closely related to the thematic work undertaken at IRC on Learning for Change.

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Learning for Sanitation in northern Uganda – update

The PILS (Performance Improvement through Learning in Sanitation) is gradually coming to an end. The last rounds of district and sub-county learning platform meetings discuss how to sustain the momentum of things learned during the programme.

Read the newsletter of the most recent sub-county platform meetings on the IRC website:

Newsletters from sub-county learning events during the Performance Improvement through Learning in Sanitation (PILS) project in Northern UgandaImage.

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I Wii introduce this musing at the Dutch WASH Alliance – Learning & Linking workshop on their F(inance) principle that starts tomorrow in Leiden.

water services that last

Over the last year and a half we have been doing a lot of work with various international donors and other development partners like NGOs who support investments in rural water in developing countries. We have organised a number of high level meetings, have attended and contributed to many more and published a book, various briefing notes and working papers. All of this effort is to try and influence – persuade, incentivise, bully – organisations and people into changing the way they approach their work and to take steps to address sustainability in their programmes and investment strategies. We have also been tracking some of the policy or strategy statements of these organisations over time and we are starting to see the right language and even explicit objectives being put down. So it starts to look promising … at least on paper.

We were at it again in London two…

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#WASH4dev blogging takes up in the “South”

Good to see that the number of IRC International Water and Sanitation Centre partners in the “south” increasingly start joining the blogging community.

Peter Sekuma, at NETWAS Uganda, who participated in a north-south-south exchange, is blogging as well. I just suggested him to also become active on the WASHUganda blog.


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Linking to and fro and advertising your themes-and-more blogging | IRC-nergy weeks

Linking to and fro and advertising your themes-and-more blogging | IRC-nergy weeks

via Linking to and fro and advertising your themes-and-more blogging | IRC-nergy weeks.

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Google+ the future of targeted blogging?

Apologies for this quick experiment.

This url links to my posts tagged #ircnergy on Google+.

Note that this may only be see by those IRC colleagues that are using their account on GoogleApps, these are less than 50 colleagues of us.

Those of you that can read the page linked to, are invited to post comments on this post. Thanks.

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